Fortune Teller Press (incorporating Fortune Teller Records & Fortune Teller Books) are an independent outfit who publish records, books and make films.

They have been going since 2004 and have put out music by The Dirtbombs, Gories, Thee Mighty Caesars, Television Personalities, and soundtracks for the 60s films of Robert Downey.

They have also published 'The Punk' by Gideon Sams and 'Nico: Songs They Play on the Radio' by James Young, as well as work by Richard Hell and Patti Smith.

Founder Graham Bendel was a regular DJ at Alice in Wonderland, the infamous 80s and 90s garage, psychedelic, punk club that ran for 10 years at Gossips. It was London's 2nd longest running club night, closely trailing Gaz's Rockin Blues.